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If it's Phil it's Fillet!

Welcome to Fillet!

1 October 1999
Hey, you have to be a little impressed surely... Okay, so you've only got a couple more photos to look at in the USA section of my travel album, but...

What's more interesting, to me anyway, is that the whole site is generated with Emergence TPS! I can change something in, say, the navigation bar then press a button and the whole site is regenerated with the new navigation bar. I think that's pretty cool. You'll notice that the links in navigation bar change depending on what page you're on--that's automatic too!

Soon you will be able to try out a beta of Emergence on your site. Save hours. Change your whole site design on a whim! I like it so much I own the company! Try it you'll like it! Well, okay you can't try it yet, but soon! -- PJL.

30 September 1999
Wow, progress. Today I unveiled about twenty new photographs from my time in the United Kingdom. I've got about about the same number from the USA to put up, which will happen soon. The date order is a bit random though...

Also in the Real Soon Now stakes, the first beta release of my Perl script I use for updating the site, called Emergence Template Publishing System (TPS), will be available here soon. (Of course you realise the only reason anybody ever starts to program something is so they can make up impressive sounding names for whatever they create....)

As you'll note on some pages, I've got a bit of a problem with my navigation bar to the left. If it's a long page you'll have to scroll down a bit... Sorry, I'm working on it. But when I find the solution it'll be easy to implement it site wide with the new Emergence TPS, beta version coming soon! :-) -- PJL.

29 September 1999
Hmmm, a week or so (see entry below), not quite! Okay, one month later and you think all I've got to show for it is a redesigned site? Well, at the precise moment...Yes!

But I've been working on a way to make it easier to add photos (and eventually other stuff) to the site. So why do you care? Well, within a couple of days I should have another thirty or so photos from my trip. And for those of you who are interested, also the Perl script that I wrote to make the updating easier. -- PJL.

30 August 1999
My travel pages have now been updated to include twenty-nine photos from my trip so far. About fifty more will be coming shortly, so check back in a week or so... -- PJL.

26 August 1999
So you made it here, congratulations! What will this site become? You'll have to join me to find out...
The beginnings of my combined travel journal and photo album are here so you might as well check out a little of what I've done. If you're interested you can also check out some of the places I go on the web. (Still in the old format at the moment.) -- PJL.


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