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If it's Phil it's Fillet!

The Big OE Travel Album

Updated : 26 August 1999
Well, I left home in New Zealand on 28 November 1998 and I'm only just beginning to start this site--the word slack does come to mind... You can read the brief summaries listed here or check out the more detailed photo descriptions linked below.

My first stop after a four hour flight was sunny Fiji for ten days.

United States of America
Next stop stop after an eleven or so hour (plus an hour on the ground in Fiji at midnight waiting for a chiller to be repaired) flight was Los Angeles, California in the United States of America-after all those years I had finally made it (okay, to the USA at least).

United Kingdom
After three months pottering around the USA I headed over the seas to the United Kingdom--where I am currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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