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rancidbacon (TM)  

"because the meter is always running"



Rumoured to have been founded in 1863 by a drunken French whaler on a South Pacific atoll rancidbacon has long been at the forefront of the electronic revolution.

The company became the conglomerate known today as rancidbacon as a side effect of the merger between Cidba Construction and Ran Corporation. Known for a short time as RanCidbaCon the name was changed due to taxation issues that caused a capital loss. Our sister company Struction Corporation is currently being investigated for fraud and we no longer acknowledge the close link we have with them.

Well known for high standards of implementation efficiency rancidbacon is best known by the general public as the company responsible for the successful (and common business school case study) completion of the key legacy system used by many of the world's most inefficient global multi-national corporates.

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